Offering customized experiential learning programs that create aligned and resilient organizations

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Offering customized experiential learning programs that create aligned and resilient organizations

Team / Organizational Development Courses


The Art of Alignment

Class Type: Custom Engagement for Leaders and Managers
Duration: multi engagement process

Most leaders do not know how to get people aligned behind a Vision. The Art of Alignment is a process that moves groups from divergent thinking into convergent thinking to arrive at a clear vision and consensus around an action plan. It is a practical, step by step process to aligning groups and organizations.

The Art of Alignment integrates tried and true group dynamic processes with building a SHUVA culture, where all team members are Seen, Heard, Understood, Valued, and Appreciated. If followed as prescribed, the Art of Alignment transforms the way business is conducted and produces highly effective and engaged teams.

The Art of Alignment process can be used for:

  • strategic planning
  • visioning
  • project chartering
  • policy formulation
  • change initiatives, business process improvement
  • succession planning, and
  • organizational restructuring

Collective Leadership Assessment™ and Team Coaching

Class Type: Group Assessment and Facilitated Debrief
Duration: multi engagement process

The Collective Leadership Assessment™ delivers an in-depth look of how a team or organization’s leadership effectiveness compares with other organizations in The Leadership Circle’s global database. It reveals the creative leadership competencies and reactive tendencies that define the culture of your organization.

It also provides:

  • insights into your team or organization’s impact
  • a better understanding of how culture affects retention
  • a way to identify blind spots and opportunities
  • a way to see the gap between the current reality and the organization’s desired future state
  • an organization a competitive advantage by allowing them to better leverage the various strengths of its people and systems

Herd Dynamics For Teams

Class Type: Group Arena Session with Horses
Duration: minimum half day – full day options

Notes: No Previous experience with horses is necessary. All activities are conducted on the ground.

Horses are social herd animals whose survival depends on how well they, as a group, respond to threats in the environment by having clear leadership roles. Humans live in similar social hierarchies and find powerful parallels when working with horses.

In this workshop you will experience ground activities with horses and facilitated debriefing that provides powerful insights about:

  • team dynamics
  • team dysfunction
  • effective communication
  • relational problem solving
  • systems and strategy
  • organizational culture
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Versatile Leadership – An Equine-Assisted Leadership Experience

Class Type: Arena Workshop
Duration: Full Day

Notes: No Previous experience with horses is necessary. All activities are conducted on the ground.

With the assistance and feedback from horses, Versatile Leadership allows you and your team to harness and manage the inherent masculine and feminine archetypal energies that exist in each of us. When these natural, but often unconscious, ways of being in relationship with others become toxic they often derail your efforts to create healthy and engaged work environments.

This workshop goes well beyond heady concepts to show us:

  • what it means to become versatile and to embody our healthy masculine and feminine archetypes to create credible, balanced and trustworthy leadership
  • growing an authentic and powerful presence
  • building acceptance rather than resistance
  • dynamically shift the energy to improve teamwork
  • overcome biases and blind spots that hold you back

Followership: Who is Leading Whom?

Class Type: Classroom
Duration: 2 hours OR Equine-Assisted Learning Workshop / minimum half day – full day option

This workshop examines the leader-follower dynamic through a somatic lens, and the ways in which different types of influence are utilized, exerted, and communicated. Creating healthy and fluid leader-follower relationships becomes easier when you understand the subtle roles that body language and somatic intelligence play in our roles as leader and  follower.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to create healthy relationships, meaningful interactions, and achieve mutual goals, by looking at the physical space in which followers and leaders meet
  • what it takes to “show up” as a leader in order for your followers to willingly and collaboratively follow you
  • how to empower your followers by ‘leading from behind’
  • the types of followers and the types of influence they exert on their leaders