Attention Grabber

by | Aug 30, 2023

What grabs your attention? This colorful, curious bird, painted by Choctaw artist Karen Clarkson, was one of a trio of paintings that welcomed guests into the Arts Prescott Cooperative Gallery in 2013. It jumped off the wall and communicated directly to me saying “Hey there! Who are YOU?”. In an instant every part of my being knew that this bird and its relatives, the electric blue ravens, would be part of my household. Their inquisitive, majestic presence forever to grace my family.

What happened to me in that instant? How had all of my perceptual senses simultaneously integrated to let my mind and heart know that I was in love with that crazy, colorful bird?

Can we become more Sense-able? Are there experiences, that can take us to places of joy and surprise we rarely, if ever, journey to without the assistance of sense altering substances? What opens the gate to our perceptual abilities?

Does heightened perception change everything? If so, why?

And… is consciously leveraging our five senses of touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell to inform our way of Being and taking action, the departure point for true collaboration and finding new ways of working on the planet?

Here are the two ravens just so they don’t feel left out!!