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Seeing How to Serve: Leveraging Somatic Intelligence to Lead and Engage

Success Stories From Engaged Clients

Success Stories From Engaged Clients

Roger Toennis

Managing Partner, Founder Advisors and Former Sr. Director of Research/Advisory, Gartner Inc.

“I have been in senior leadership positions in the technology industry for over 20 years. Technology professionals like myself tend to be uncomfortable with leadership challenges where we have to engage heart and gut; in addition to our head. However, working with Lissa, and the powerful and compelling horses was an eye-opener and game-changer. There is simply no substitute for people like me to learn to engage in a full spectrum way as leaders.”

Patty Beach

CEO Leadership Smarts

“I can honestly say of the 1000’s of hours I’ve spent in leadership development training, that coaching with Lissa and her horses really stands out, and this singularly unique experience continues to shape me. I was blown away with what I learned in just a few hours about being a leader. Working with the horses allows you to explore and embody the intangible qualities of leadership that engage others and inspire them to follow you.”

Molly Sutherland

Founder, Sutherland & Associates

“Seeing How to Serve – Leveraging Somatic Intelligence to Transform Others has been invaluable to me as an international business coach. Understanding how to watch for subtle shifts in my client’s face, and entire system, allows me to be more effective in aligning their Passion, Purpose and Vision with their actions and strategy. Once you know how to engage others on the mental, emotional, and the physical planes, you will never go back to seeing in one dimension.”