Engagement Quotient Program

This two month-long program consists of 15 hours of virtual experiential programing and is designed to fit into your busy life.

Visual Outline of Program

Section 1 : Embodying Your Vision

Discovering the Connection between your Transformational Vision and Engagement. Weeks 1-2

Module 1

Practice using the Engagement Quotient – 90 minutes Week One

Module 2

Lights On Leadership Coaching Preparation – 30 mins – Week Two

Module 3

Lights On Leadership Coaching – 2 hour personal coaching session – Week Two

Section 2 : Transformative Feedback

Revealing the difference between feedback that disengages versus that which engages and how to effectively deliver transformative feedback. Weeks 6 – 8

Module 4

The Human Operating System (HOS) – 1 hour online interactive webinar – Week 3

Module 5

Attention and Choice Point Guide – 1.5 hour live webinarWeek 4

Module 6

Transformative Feedback – 2 hour live webinar – Week 5

Section 3 : Operationalizing EnQ

Practice using the Engagement Quotient Weeks 6 – 8

Module 7

Seeing How To Serve – 2 hour live webinar – Week 6

Module 8

Cultivating EnQ at Work – 1.5 hours live webinarWeek 7

Module 9

Program Debrief and Next Steps – 1.5 hour zoom session Week 8

Pre-Program Steps (30 minutes)

  • Go to: enqcoaching.com and ‘engage now’.

  • Schedule: Your initial session (for filming and check in) and fill out the short questionnaire

  • Prepare: Read article “Seeing How To Serve: Leveraging Somatic Intelligence to Lead and Engage” (Pohl, 2017)

First Engagement –Capturing Your Before Image and Check-In 30 minutes – Week One

In this brief session we will take a digital image of your face. This serves as a snap shot of you at the start of your journey (your BEFORE image) and serves as a way to document your shifts and transformation as we go through the program. Therefore, it is important to get set up in a place that is conducive to getting a bright, and evenly lit photo. Please note that you will be filmed up to three (3) times in this program. After filming, we will be able to answer any questions you might have about the program. To get ready for this session please follow these instructions:

Set up for filming:

  • Even lighting is critical for getting an accurate image of your face and so we want to avoid shadows created by lights or windows that are on one side or behind you. This can be done by sitting in front of a window that does NOT have direct sunlight touching your skin. OR you can place a lamp without a shade directly in front of your computer so that your face is evenly lit. Be sure you are able to relax your eyes and not have to squint into the camera.
  • Place your computer screen at face level so that your eyes are looking straight into the camera on the top of your screen (or wherever your camera sits when using the computer).
  • Have your hair pulled back away from your eyes and forehead.
  • Wear a darker shirt or sweater that exposes your neck to your collar bone.
  • More instructions will be given during the actual filming.

The Engagement Quotient Program

The program is comprised of nine interactive online modules that are organized into three sections:

Module 1 – The Face Of Engagement 90 minutes Week One

Welcome to The Engagement Quotient EnQ – the missing piece of the engagement equation. In this module we will introduce you to Lights On Leadership® and how you, by the end of this program, can leverage this somatic engagement coaching method to become more effective at engaging others and aligning your teams. After this first module you will recognize what engagement looks like in the human body and will never see the faces of others the same way again!

Module 2 – Lights On Leadership Coaching Preparation 30 mins – Week Two

Homework: In preparation for your private coaching session, your assignment will be to read the Lights On Leadership™ article, review filming instructions, and to fill out EnQ Intention Worksheet.

Module 3 – Lights On Leadership™ Coaching – 2 hour personal coaching session – Week Two

Clarity of purpose and passion is contagious. Your Vision and goals are only attainable if you can inspire others to bring their passion to it as well. In this two-hour coaching session you will fine tune your Vision, and be able to see and feel the difference between a ‘good idea’ and a noble purpose that resonates throughout your body.

Home work: Watch Youtube video about the brain and engagement

Module 4 – The Human Operating System (HOS) – 1 hour online interactive webinar – Week 3

Understanding how the Human Operating System (HOS) works allows you to build new neural connections in your brain that support your abilities to perceive the entire picture and engage others at the somatic level.


Module 5 – Attention and Choice Point Guide – 1.5 hour live webinar – Week 4

The words we use resonate at different frequencies within our bodies. It is critical to make the distinction between the words we and others use that engage us in our purpose and passion, and words that take us out of our game. This awareness will support you in engaging others in a conscious and systematic way.

Homework: Keep a daily log of where you notice your energy resonating – below or above the line? What takes you there?

Module 6 – Transformative Feedback – 2 hour live webinar – Week 5

This module shows how transformative feedback enlivens, balances, lights up and engages other people’s systems and how criticism, advice and assumptions disengage others at the physical level. You will learn how to use the Choice Point Guide to use questions and give feedback that systematically unlocks the vitality and potential of others.

Homework: Make note of examples of when you are able to move a colleague from lights out to lights on using transformative feedback. Note when you used advise or criticism.

Module 7 – Seeing How To Serve – 2 hour live webinar – Week 6

This module is an EnQ Coaching session with your program peers. You will have the opportunity to practice and receive coaching on how to use somatic cues to discover and support the purpose and passion of others using transformative feedback.

Module 8 – Cultivating EnQ at Work – 1.5 hours live webinar – Week 7

In this module you will learn how to facilitate a team check-in that assists in calibrating the daily and weekly performance of your team and keep business “above the line.” These practices build upon your knowledge of the Attention Choice Point Guide to create connection, and a culture of safety and accountability, allowing you to keep your ‘lights on’ and lead the way.

Homework: Final Filming 30 minute check in

Module 9 – Program Debrief and Next Steps 1.5 hour zoom session Week 8

Sharing your before and after pictures, final learning insights, answer questions, and explore next steps in developing your EnQ.